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+353-899-511-484 is a professional Accountants firm in full operation in Dublin. We specialize in the various fields of Income Tax, VAT Returns, Corporation Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Planning for. We serve self-emplyed and small companies. Our experienced and highly trained accountants ensure that your Tax Returns comply with the Revenue Commissioners requirements and are filed on time.

A FEW THINGS WE ARE GREAT AT delivers Tax, Accounting and Payroll services to Small Businesses in Clondalkin, Tallaght, Lucan, Naas, Celbridge and across Dublin. Our commitment to delivering high quality services makes us stand out from our competitors. Our clients enjoy the quality of our services at a competitive price.

SELF-EMPLOYED have worked with Sole-traders of various professions. We understand how time consuming and sometimes stressful it becomes to deal with your tax affairs.

We can take the pressure off your shoulders and prepare your Year-end Accounts, Income Tax returns, VAT returns and submit them to Revenue on your behalf. 



Limited Companies are at the hearth of our business. We understand that it may be overwhelming to start-up and run a Limited Company.  

As our specialty, we maintain full and acurate records of the business, filing Financial Statements with CRO, preparation & filing  of  Corporation Tax with Revenue, managing payroll.



A director is a ‘chargeable person’ for income tax purposes and is obliged to submit an income tax return each year.

We help PAYE earners to bring their tax affairs in order. There are certain credits and reliefs that emplyees are entitled to. We can go back, as far as 4 years, and bring your PAYE, PRSI and other taxes in order.  



Landlords, just as Self-employed, must declare their rental income on the annual return From 11.

Our Landlord service package includes advice on allowable and not-allowable expenses, Income Tax Prepareation, Income Tax Return and Filing with Revenue on your behalf.



The main aim we drive towards at is to take pressure off the business owner and provide them with a quality ongoing support from our end. We deliver services to all types of small business in Dublin including Self Employed, Limited Companies, Partnerships, Landlords, Employees and Directors.

We communicate with the Revenue Commissioners and the CRO to bring our clients accounting and tax affairs up to date. We can prepare your tax returns and make sure you do not pay a single cent more than you have to. Our Quotes are tailored based on our clients’ needs and requirements for their business. Our quotes are fixed and fully tax deductible.

COMPANY FORMATION specialize in quick and affordable company formation services. Our experienced accountants liaise with the CRO office in an efficient manner.

Tax Accountant Services

A Sole Trader or a PAYE worker that has other than non-PAYE income is regarded as a “chargeable person”. We will prepare your From 11 and submit via ROS on your behalf.

Income Tax Services

We support start-up companies on an ongoing basis. Get in touch with us to speak about dealing with day to day financial transactions, tax issues or business grants.

Tax Accountant Services

You need to register for VAT if: service in excess of €37,500 p.a. or goods in excess of €75,000 p.a. Our VAT package includes registration and bi-monthly VAT return services.

VAT Services

Limited companies prepare audited accounts annually. Our services include preparation and fling of corporation tax via ROS to the collector general under self-assessment.

Corporation Tax Services

You must register as an employer if you take employees on board. Our complete payroll package includes registration, tax calculation, pays-lips and monthly/annual return services.

Payroll Services

Revenue Commissioners require that business accounts are kept for a period of six years.  A bank may want to see your accounts when considering application for a business loan.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Year-end accounts provide useful information about your business and are particularly useful if, for example, you wish to make a business loan or mortgage application.

Year-end Accounts Service

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