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Are you looking for a Tax Accountant to complete your Income Tax Returns, VAT Returns, Corporation Tax Returns, Payroll or to give you a Tax Advice? You have come to the right place. delivers Accounting and Tax Accounting Services in Lucan, Tallaght, Naas, Celbridge, Clondalkin, and across Dublin for the Self-employed, Small Companies and PAYE earners. We have worked with the Self-employed and Small Companies in various industries: construction, retail, food, consulting, property, logistics etc. We are based in Dublin where our local team are always ready to be your Tax Accountant and take the pressure off your shoulders.

Our ultimate goal and passion is to deliver high level service and use our knowledge to reduce your tax bill so that you pay less tax. All our accounting fees for small business are tax deductible. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your Income Tax Returns, VAT Returns, Corporation Tax and other Tax Returns have been submitted to Revenue on time and all fees have been used to reduce your tax bill. 

Looking for a Tax Accountant Lucan, Tallaght, Naas, Celbridge, Clondalkin, or Dublin? Our services: Year-end Accounts | VAT Returns | Income Tax Returns | Small Company Tax Returns | Payroll Management | Personal Tax Accountant | Small Business Accountant | RCT Accountant | Bookkeeping & Accounting.

Tax Accountant Clondalkin | Tallaght | Lucan | Naas | Celbridge | Dublin. Your local Tax Accountant for all Your Small Business Needs.

What We Do

Corporation Tax

Limited Companies prepare audited accounts annually. In some instances, your company may be audit exempt. A Limited Company must pay preliminary tax via ROS to the Revenue Commissioners under self-assessment.

Corporation Tax in Ireland is charged on company’s taxable profits at a rate of 12.5% for trading income and 25% on non-trading income. The taxable profits are computed similar way as taxable profits for a Sole-Trader.

Personal Income Tax

If you are Self-Employed or a PAYE worker and have other non-PAYE income, you will be regarded as a “Chargeable Person” and will be liable to Self-assessment.

As a Sole-trader you are liable to Income Tax at 20% and 40% on the profits earned by the business each year. You are also liable to PRSI and the Universal Social Charge.

Payroll Management

Payroll is more than just payroll. Timely and accurate payroll encourages teamwork and leadership among employees.

Wages paid late may have negative impact on your employees and therefore entire company. Payroll management may become time consuming and take considerable amount of time from the core activities of your business.


An accountant creates bookkeeping systems, establishes controls, analyzes and makes sure the systems work.

The main purpose of accounting is to establish proper financial reporting practice and provide financial information to those that need it – shareholders, management, potential and current investors and many others.

VAT Returns

If you provide a service and your sales are in excess of €37,500 p.a. you must register for VAT. If you provide goods, the VAT limit is €75,000 p.a.

Business owners may want to register for VAT voluntarily. They should bear in mind – contrary to the Income Tax, VAT is not an expense to the business. VAT is a general consumption tax which is collected based on value of a product.


Bookkeeping helps keep business under control, organized and profitable. In addition, good bookkeeping will give you a clear picture of your company’s financial position and health.​

It is important to remember that you may need to keep accounts for reason unconnected with tax. For instance, your bank may want to see your accounts when considering application for a business loan.

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